JONESBORO, Ark. (11/26/12) – A new season traditionally brings renewed hope and excitement and also in some instances new uniforms as the Arkansas State University men’s basketball team features a new "look" for the 2012-13 season.

Prior to this season, the program underwent a number of subtle but important changes which one being a new uniform redesign.

“We wanted to keep it (the jerseys) simple,” said ASU Director of Men’s Basketball Operations Brodrick Johnson.  “Our focus in selecting the uniform design was to have a similar style worn by Arkansas State teams in the early 1990’s which would reconnect us with the past.  We also wanted to let people across the country know who we are and what we’re all about.”  

The ASU uniforms, which are designed by Adidas, feature both a white and black jersey which are similar in style to the NBA’s Chicago Bulls.

The “home” white jerseys include the standard A-State logo on the front with red lettering and numbers outlined in black to go along with red, white, and black trim around the neck and shoulder areas.  The “road” black jerseys feature the university’s name Arkansas State in red lettering outlined in white.  The shorts include a diamond design with the official “Red Wolves” logo on each side. 

“We wanted to create our own style much like some other schools such as Mississippi State,  Tennessee, Troy and Notre Dame do,” said Johnson.  “We heard the fans complaints about our jerseys being too big and baggy so we went for a uniform which is a tighter fit and conforms more to a player’s body.

“Putting our logo on the shorts was important for us and sets us apart from a lot of schools who are affiliated with Adidas,” added Johnson.

Both sets of ASU jerseys include the individual player’s last name along with the Sun Belt Conference (SBC) logo, which is displayed on the shorts.