Thank you for your support of Arkansas State Athletics!  To renew your Football, Men's or Women's Basketball season tickets, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.  

Renew Button


1. Welcome to the Account Manager Home Page!  Enter your Account ID found at the top of your invoice.  Then, enter your Password.  If this is your first time accessing your account or you forgot your password, select "Forgot Your Password".  The email address where you received your invoice is the email address on file and how you will access your account.  

 Account Manager Home Screen


2. This is your Account Manager personal profile screen.  Here, you can see and update your personal contact information, view your donor information, as well as see any outstanding invoices.  If you do not have a credit card saved to your Account Manager profile, select "Edit My Profile" in the upper left corner of the home page. If you have a card on file, skip to step 5.

 Edit Profile


3. Verify your info, hit save, and select "Credit Cards & Bank Accounts"

 CC Profile Screen


4. Select "Add A New Card" (Step 1) and enter your credit card info. Upon completion, hit "Add Card" (Step 2) in the lower right hand corner.  Once added, select "Home" (Step 3).  Your credit card info is now securely stored on your account.  

 CC Profile Screen 2


5. In the middle of the page you will see your "2016 (Sport) Season Renewal".  Select "Pay Now"




6. Make sure your "2016 Season (Sport) Renewal" is selected and hit "Continue" in the lower right hand corner.  

 AM Invoice Screen


7. We have added 2 payment options for the ticket portion of your season tickets.  You can choose to select "Single Payment Plan" to pay your invoice in full, or "2016 (Sport) Renewal - 3 month".  This second option is not available for Volleyball.  It requires you to place $20/ticket down (for MBB/WBB) now, and then you are automatically billed 33% of your remaining balance on the first of the month, the next 3 consecutive months (i.e. $20/ticket down in May, 33% of remaining balance is charged on June 1st, 33% charged on July 1st and final 33% of balance is charged on August 1st).  Select either option, and then select "Continue" in the lower right hand corner. 

 Payment Profile Screen


8. Select your "Payment Option" (Step 1), select your credit card from the drop down menu, verify the info is correct and add your *CIN security number (Step 2) (typically found on the back of your card). Check off the authorization boxes (Step 3) and once completed, select "Renew Tickets" (Step 4)

 Payment Screen


9. Your Season Ticket Renewal is now COMPLETED!.  Thank you for your support of A-State Athletics!

Order Complete